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Vehicle Recovery

FREE PAYG Breakdown Membership & 24/7 Incident Support


Pay-As-You-Go Breakdown Assistance is becoming ever more popular now that vehicle technology is what it is. The chances of the average vehicle breaking down anymore are becoming more and more remote. Motorists are beginning to wake up to this reality subsequently rendering a PAYG Breakdown Cover option far more favourable. We provide it, National Breakdown provide it and so do the AA.

Covered or not you still need it

Most of you will already have some form of breakdown cover (on a subscription basis) however our FREE PAYG membership is something that all motorists should have regardless of whether they have subscription cover or not, especially when our service charges are far less than our PAYG competitors. If something is free while at the same time offering you more protection why not have it?

RTA Recoveries – Running Out Of Petrol etc

Most breakdown cover policies will not cover you for an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) PAYG will. There will be a lot of exclusions in the fine print of your policy wording and the non RTA recovery can normally be found there. You will also find a long list of other exclusions that are not applicable to a PAYG Breakdown Assistance Service. Registering for membership is FREE and takes no longer than 3 minutes to complete the form. No annual fees are incurred so once you are registered you are done. Simple!

Cheapest Form of Cover available

We all hear stories about huge recovery bills, bills that have to be paid when a person breaks down without cover. It is these stories that put the fear of god into us subsequently urging us to keep our subscriptions going. You get none of this with PAYG as the rates are there online for us all to see. Consumers can find out exactly what they will be asked to pay before making any form of contact. Standard rates are £50+Vat for 30 minutes roadside assistance and 20 miles of all round recovery. Extra recovery miles are charged out at the rate of £1.50p per mile. The AA charges £4.99 for membership and £80 per call out. National Breakdown charges the consumer £10 for membership with no recovery rates advertised. I know which one I would prefer!

A Mobile Mechanic would most likely charge more than £50 just to come out and see you.

Comprehensive AM Services

Consumers purchasing our Motor Excess Insurance are obviously concerned about accidents and themselves ever being involved in one. RTA’S however minor can be extremely stressful, people don’t think straight under those conditions. To keep each of our Motor Excess policy holders safe we have a 24/7 incident support helpline at your disposal. Use it at the scene and let us deal with the situation.

Manufacturer Accident Repair Centre

We are an approved repair centre with specialist trained technicians.

Only genuine manufacturer parts.

eKomi Gold Seal of Approval

We are always looking for ways to improve our service for our customers.

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TAX & MOT Checker

Using the new free online tax checker you can check any vehicle against the DVLA database to ensure it has been taxed.

You can also check to see when your MOT is due.

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As well as tyres we also offer wheel balancing and tracking.


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