Call us before you call your insurance company.
We will Collect your vehicle, service it and do additional work then return your vehicle.
Every year your car’s MOT needs to be renewed, at Premier we can take care of all of that for you, so why not come to us?
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Insurance Advice

Accident & Insurance Advice Newcastle upon Tyne

We can take a lot of the stress and hassle away. Dealing with all of the major insurance companies can be a nightmare, call centres not only in the UK but sometimes far away.
All we need is the insurance company details and the claim reference and we do the rest. We will manage the claim, negotiate with the insurance engineers, book you in with a replacement vehicle, repair your car, clean your car and return it to you. (Sounds straight forward doesn’t it?)

Remember your rights if you have an accident:

  • Only one estimate is required
  • The choice of repairer is yours

If the accident is not your fault:

  • You are entitled to a like for like replacement vehicle
  • You are entitled to the recovery of any uninsured losses

Your rights in this area were confirmed by a directive from the Office of Fair Trading issued in 1993

This is an extract from an article published in the Daily Telegraph:

“Around 75% of all car accidents are controlled by insurers through their call centres. They send policyholders’ cars for repairs to “approved” garages that they, the insurers, have chosen to be on their networks. This enables insurers to dictate the level, quality and cost of service to be provided to their own customers.”

“Consumers might think that insurance company “approval” means that repair shops have the correct skills and equipment to undertake proper and safe repairs. While it is true that repairers have to get the right tick in the box before selection, little of that information pertains to their technical skills and equipment. This is simply not good enough in a world where cars and repair equipment are becoming ever more complex.”

Insurance companies arrange accident repairs to keep
their own costs down.

You need to ask yourself a few questions before handing your vehicle over to your insurance company.

  • Does keeping their costs down mean repairing your car cheaply?
  • What level of service and quality of repair will you receive?
  • Will original manufacturer parts be used or imitation parts?
  • Will your manufacturers warranty remain intact?
  • What warranty will the repairs have?
  • Do the repairers have the necessary equipment to repair your car?
  • Will the relevant safety checks be carried out?
Imitation, or non-genuine, parts may not fit correctly. They are sometimes provided without surface, or rust, protection. Using non-genuine parts will invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. After your home, your car is probably the most valuable possession you own. You and your family will travel in your motor vehicle at speeds up to 70 mph. Don’t accept any compromise in the quality of repair to your car. If it’s your car ensure it’s repaired properly

Manufacturer Accident Repair Centre

We are an approved repair centre with specialist trained technicians.

Only genuine manufacturer parts.

eKomi Gold Seal of Approval

We are always looking for ways to improve our service for our customers.

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TAX & MOT Checker

Using the new free online tax checker you can check any vehicle against the DVLA database to ensure it has been taxed.

You can also check to see when your MOT is due.

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