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What you need to know before returning a leased vehicle.

Leasing vehicles rather than buying is becoming more and more popular due to lower payments and virtually no maintenance costs. However, there are things you need to know before taking out a lease on a car and returning a leased vehicle. During the time of your lease you may only be paying the monthly payment however the extra costs occur when it is time to hand the vehicle back to the lease company.

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So you are coming to the end of your lease period and suddenly you think, what will I be charged for? Deliberate damage and misuse if the car is what the assessor will look for. They will check the mechanics of the vehicle, the bodywork, windows, wheels and tyres, upholstery and the windows. There is an acceptable level of wear and tear a lease vehicle is allowed to have as long as it does not exceed minimum requirements.


Acceptable – Small scratches outside of drivers eye sight.

Unacceptable – Holes, chips and cracks in the glass, and scratches inside the driver’s direct line of sight.


Acceptable – Minor scuffing upto 25mm in length. Wheels also meet minimum legal requirements.

Unacceptable – Scoring and other damage to wheel surface. Damage to side walls or uneven tread wear.

Wing Mirrors

Acceptable – Minor scuffing as long as no paintwork is damaged.

Unacceptable – Missing, damaged, or cracked wing mirrors.


Acceptable – Minor scuffing upto 25mm in length.

Unacceptable – Deep scuffs where paint is broken, dented and cracked areas.


Acceptable – Small areas of chipping. Light scratches up to 25mm in length, relative to the vehicle’s age. Dents up to 10mm providing paint is not broken.

Unacceptable – Stone chips or scratches over 25mm in length that have exposed the bare metal or primer or have rusted. Any impact damage. Multiple dents on a single panel.


Acceptable – All decals need to be removed and all glue residue removed.

Unacceptable – Any damage caused by the removal of such badges and advertising.

Interior Upholstery

Acceptable – Should be clean and tidy, with only slight wear and soiling through normal use.

Unacceptable – Burns, tears or permanent staining. Any damage caused by the fitting of equipment such as mobile phones.

Here at Premier Vehicle Care we can take care of all the repairs to your lease vehicle, from bodywork to michanicle. We could save you money by carrying out the work before the vehicle is assessed.   

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