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What you need to know before returning a leased vehicle.

Leasing vehicles rather than buying is becoming more and more popular due to lower payments and virtually no maintenance costs. However, there are things you need to know before taking out a lease on a car and returning a leased vehicle. During the time of your lease you may only be paying the monthly payment however the extra costs occur when it is time to hand the vehicle back to the lease company. lease return vehicles So you are coming to the end of your lease period and suddenly you think, what will I be charged for? Deliberate damage and misuse if the car is what the assessor will look for. They will...
Apart from buying a house, a car is one of the most expensive items you will purchase as a young driver. Most young drivers find that buying a car is the easy part. Insurance can be very costly for a young or new driver, sometimes costing more per annum than they paid for the car. Then there’s car tax and mot tests, that’s all before you add the cost of fuel and maintenance. Let's look at insurance first. There are three levels of car insurance;
  • Third Party, this cover offers the least protection if you have an accident. It covers the cost of repair to other vehicles and persons involved, however, it does not cover the cost of repair to your own vehicle or yourself. As...